A History of Quality & Leadership

TransitWorks is the country's leading builder of commercial shuttles, transporters and mobility vans and has been the exclusive builder of MobilityWorks Commercial vehicles for over a decade. With three manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Kansas, TransitWorks is building and shipping innovative transit vehicles throughout North America.

Every Vehicle Safety Tested

TransitWorks, formerly a division of MobilityWorks, has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in crash tests, seat pull tests, and other safety testing to ensure the safety and security of our customers and their customers.
  • Vehicles are compliant with FMVSS, OEM and ADA standards
  • Upfits come with a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty

Innovative Solutions for Moving People

Bringing the most innovative solutions to the Transit industry to create safer, more flexible, more efficient and more cost effective vehicles.
  • SmartFloor – exclusive and patented flooring system allows easy movement of seats practically anywhere in the vehicle, and gives over 1,000 potential seating configurations.
  • Bus Doors - walk-in bus door entries save money on upfit and fuel economy over traditional cutaways.
  • Flex-Flat Ramp – in rear-access vehicles, this innovative ramp folds flat when not in use, creating a usable deck space for cargo.
  • Dedicated Product Development Staff constantly working on new products and solutions

Building a National Dealer Network

TransitWorks is partnering with bus, OEM and mobility dealers across America to bring our innovative vehicles to businesses that move people. If you are interested in purchasing a TransitWorks vehicle, contact us at 855-337-9543 or send an inquiry HERE.

Statement For Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)