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Student Transport

Whether transporting students from home or to school, or taking a field trip, TransitWorks knows that safety is of utmost importance.  TransitWorks has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in crash tests, seat pull tests and other safety testing to ensure the safety and security of passengers. Vehicles are compliant with FMVSS, OEM and ADA standards.

If you need to transport 2 or even 6 students (1 or 2 in wheelchairs), either the Ford Transit Connect, Dodge Grand Caravan, or the Toyota Sienna Minivan will work for you.

Needing to move more than 6 students a larger Ram ProMaster or Ford Transit is just what you are looking for.

If you need to transport the whole class, custom Shuttles, Transporters and Paratransit Buses can be created for your passenger needs.

We have the perfect vehicle for transporting students in comfort while giving them the tech features they want. Our NEW Ford Transit Smart Shuttle is the right vehicle for long distance or ride sharing.