Innovative Solutions
Transporters and accessible vans for every people moving need.
Safe, Efficient, Wheelchair Accessible Transportation
Ford Motor Company’s #1 mobility upfitter for 15 years!
Commercial Mini-Bus Shuttles with SmartFloor Technology
Responding to the changing needs of today’s riders.
Introducing the Mercedes-Benz Metris WAV
The ADA Compliant, Multi-Function Business Solution
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About Our Company

TransitWorks builds and ships thousands of commercial vehicles every year. We are the industry leader in commercial wheelchair transportation and accessible taxis. TransitWorks also builds transporters, shuttles, and work crew vans for use across all market segments.

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Product Innovation

With a diverse product line of accessible and non-accessible transport vehicles, TranistWorks can provide the right solution for any organization. We offer full size vans and minivans from leading manufacturers including Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Ram, Chrysler, and Toyota.

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Parts, Service & Training

As a leader in commercial transportation vehicles, TransitWorks is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. Whether you need fleet support, parts, or service from one of our Master Dealers, we'll make sure that you are satisfied with our products.