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Shuttles, Transporters and Paratransit Buses

Cutaway Minibuses and Center Aisle Wheelchair Accessible Buses for Up to 45 Passengers
At TransitWorks, we can accommodate your changing needs with larger capacity vehicles through our dealer status for minibus shuttle and paratransit buses. TransitWorks offers a wide variety of cutaway mini-buses on Ford, GM and Freightliner chassis, in body lengths from 20 ft. to 39 ft. and with seating for up to 45 passengers. Body construction can be rust-free composite/honeycomb or steel, based on your preferences or requirements. Choose from a wide array of options including paratransit equipment, electronic entertainment packages, seating and fabric choices, luggage storage and more.

Minibus Shuttles
Representatives from our minibus sales, engineering and manufacturing teams will meet with you to learn about the unique needs for your business application – how you will use the vehicle, and what needs to be included in the vehicle.

Interior Options
Minibus and center-aisle buses can be ordered with a wide variety of different interior options. You choose which of those options best meets your needs. From seating to flooring, lighting, floorplans and more, we can customize your order to exact specifications for orders of one or a hundred vehicles.

Why TransitWorks for Your Minibus Shuttles and Paratransit Buses?
All of our ADA-compliant shuttles and vans are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality standards. They meet all federal regulation and state DOT requirements, and are crash tested. Additionally, TransitWorks is a proud participant in the Ford’s Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) program and NMEDA's Quality Assurance Program (QAP) for mobility dealers.

Cutaways / Large Buses