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Ford Transit

The Ford Transit Impression Series VIP Transport is here!

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The Ford Transit has quickly become the most popular and best-selling commercial van in America. Tougher, smarter and more efficient than anything else on the road - It’s the ultimate people mover!

With our exclusive SmartFloor flooring system, the Ford Transit offers hundreds of seating configurations. SmartFloor is an innovative new floor system which allows quick and easy movement of seats nearly anywhere in the van giving over 1,000 possible seating layouts. The modular SmartFloor technology allows seating for up to 15 including driver while adjusting your layout as your needs change. Lightweight seats with wheeled bases can be moved to a new location without lifting, minimizing the chance for injury.

NEW – Bus Doors option

  • New exclusive Bus Doors on the Ford Transit offer the ideal vehicle for transporting passengers.
    • 38" wide opening with lighted steps for easy entry
    • Stainless steel Grab Bars on both sides of the steps
    • Remote control for operating from either inside or outside the vehicle
    • Fuel economy 50% or greater than other small buses
  • Seats up to 15 passengers
  • Mobility options available – holds up to 4 wheelchairs

The Ford Transit features:

  • Choice of three models:
    • Regular length (130" wheelbase) with Medium Roof (67.6" interior height)
    • Long length (148” wheelbase) with Medium Roof (67.6” interior height)
    • Long length (148” wheelbase) with High Roof (77” interior height)
  • Choice of three Engines:
    • 3.7L V6 with 275 HP
    • 3.5L EcoBoost V6 with 320 HP
    • 3.2L I5 Diesel with 185 HP

    Download the 2017 Ford Transit OEM brochure PDF

  • Ideal for ANY business that moves people
  • Wheeled seats = no lifting
  • Bus door options available
  • Standard V6, EcoBoost V6 and Diesel engines available
  • Exclusive Adjustable Partition available to change size of cargo and passenger areas
  • Several different seat styles available with integrated lap/shoulder belts
  • Passenger compartment heat and air conditioning
  • Tinted windows
  • Altro non-skid commercial flooring

Mobility Options

  • Side or Rear wheelchair lift
  • Retractable wheelchair tiedowns with storage bags

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