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TransitWorks Mobile Office

The ultimate vehicle for the insurance adjuster, tradesman or anyone who needs to conduct business and get the job done onsite.

Starts with the durable Ford Transit – and adds storage for tools and gear, plus seating and an office area in the 2nd row

Mobile Office

  • Ford Transit SmartCrew Van
    • Ford Transit Medium Roof
    • Exclusive walls and headliner
    • Smartfloor section with removable Smart Seats in 2nd row
    • Custom Metal partition
    • Meets FMVSS 201U compliance
  • New Mobile Office
    • Movable meeting/work table – slides forward when in use, or back between the seats when stowed
    • Power inverter with outlets and USB ports to plug in laptop, phone
  • Large Cargo area behind partition to put in Shelving, Racks, Bins and more

Put this versatile van to work for you and your team today!
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Download the Mobile Office Information sheet here!

TransitWorks Mobile Office

Mobile Office
Mobile Office power source