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Ram ProMaster

A Full-Size Vehicle that offers MORE! The Ram ProMaster is the latest full-size van entry for commercial use. ProMaster with our exclusive SmartFloor system brings a lot of features and benefits to give you MORE:
  • MORE Flexibility – over 1,000 possible seating configurations which can be changed in minutes
  • MORE Room – up to 76" interior height (with high roof), and an impressive 460 cubic feet of cargo volume (when seats removed)
  • MORE Options for Businesses – can move, add or remove seats to make room for luggage, cargo or additional passengers. Mobility options with wheelchair lifts also available.
  • MORE Savings – with the award-winning and efficient 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine, you will get an estimated 18 mpg City, 26 mpg Highway. That's as much as 50% greater fuel economy which means more money going right to the bottom line.
  • MOBILITY OPTIONS include: Side or Rear mounted Braun wheelchiar lift or RAMP with LOWERING SYSTEM – offers a simple, low-maintenance alternative to power lifts for transporting wheelchair passengers. Also a great fit for companies transporting medical or office equipment. CLICK HERE for more information.
Two models are available:
ProMaster 1500 – Regular Length wheelbase (136") with Standard Roof (65" interior height)
ProMaster 2500 – Long wheelbase (159") with High Roof (76" interior height)

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Ram ProMaster

Mobility Options

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