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Senior Living & Healthcare

With the growing demographics of our 65+ and 85+ population, transportation needs are increasing for these older adults and their caregivers. Lack of access to mobility options has a profound impact on older adults’ quality of life. Senior transportation must recognize the importance of quality-of-life issues and move beyond the limited goal of ensuring access only for those trips viewed as a necessity. Social, recreation, leisure, civic engagement and other aspects of connection should be valued as essential components of community living and opportunities should exist for older adults to access transportation to these types of activities as well as to the doctor and grocery store.

Whether you are looking for a vehicle for retirement communities, assisted living places, skilled-care facilities, group homesĀ  or non-emergency ambulette companies, we have a vehicle just right for you.

Both the Ford Transit and the Ram ProMaster have ambulette style van options.

Versatility maybe what you are looking for. The Ram ProMaster is versatile and efficient with its low maintenance Ramp and Lowering system which is an alternative to power lifts for those transporting people in wheelchairs.

The Ford Transit has the option of a SmartFloor ambulette with the SmartFloor flooring system that makes moving and removing seats very easy and versatile, or the option of a Standard Floor that includes an altro non-skid commercial floor.

For one, 2 or even 6 passenger (including 1 or 2 wheelchairs), check out the Ford Transit Connect, Dodge Grand Caravan or the Toyota Sienna Minivan.

Our NEW bus door may be the ideal solution for Senior transport.
The Ford Transit Small Bus from TransitWorks has a traditional bus door walk-in entry which saves money on upfit and fuel economy over traditional cutaways. A Rear lift is available for wheelchair transport. Combined with our exclusive SmartFloor flexibility flooring system, there could potentially be over 1,000 seating layout options.