Mercedes Metris WAV

Mercedes-Benz Metris WAV – Wheelchair Accessible Van

Adding ADA compliant accessibility and Mercedes-Benz sophistication to your fleet.

The all new Metris Wheelchair Accessible Van (WAV) is designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals requiring the space and flexibility that only the Metris can deliver. A combination of style and innovative engineering, TransitWorks provides an efficient, ADA compliant, multi-function vehicle that’s perfect for transporting wheelchair passengers and able-bodied riders. The Metris WAV also comes equipped with an automatic tensioning system that assists with loading and unloading a wheelchair passenger. Rear securement retractors provide an efficient, easy-to-use, 4-point tie-down system.

Metris WAV Features:

  • Multi-use conversion provides for a variety of different business applications
  • Durable, rear access ramp with 800 lb weight capacity and fold flat capabilities
  • ADA compliant for commercial use
  • Electronic assist front wheelchair retractors and belts for easy loading
  • Optional Tip & Fold third row seats that can be ordered for one or both sides
  • Second-row seating configuration flexibility depending on preferences
  • Easy to clean, wear resistant flooring
  • Can be built on Metris chassis with hinged rear doors or rear hatch liftgate
  • Mercedes-Benz style and sophistication

Metris WAV Upfit Benefits:

  • The Metris Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) offers a cost-efficient option to business customers that need one vehicle to work for a variety of needs, including the transport of wheelchair passengers.
  • Ramp and wheelchair securement area meet ADA requirements necessary for commercial transportation
  • Easier to load in driveways, one-way streets and standard parking spots
  • Automatic tensioning assists with loading wheelchair passenger into van – wheelchair will not roll back if driver loses grip while pushing.
  • Ramp folds flat, allowing for level cargo storage area.
  • Two Tip & Fold seats increase seating to 7 passengers when not transporting a wheelchair passenger.

Interested? Call our Mercedes-Benz dedicated customer support team at 844-629-5238.

Mercedes-Benz Metris WAV Flyer PDF

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