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The top rated minivan is the best vehicle for Taxi use:

The Sienna was rated by leading automotive magazines as having the best power, handling and steering among minivan choices. Plus it has the lowest cost of ownership which means higher profits. MobilityWorks Taxi adds the widest ramp (36") and the highest ramp capacity (1000 lbs.) available in the industry on the Sienna.

FlexFlat Rear-Entry Ramp System

Based on surveys taken at recent IATR and TLPA conferences, rear entry vehicles are the preferred entry among Taxi and transport professionals. Rear entry allows parking in any standard parking spot, plus gives easier access to both sides of the street when picking up or dropping off on one-way streets.

Northstar E360 Manual Side Entry Ramp System

NOW a Manual Side Entry Ramp has been combined with Toyota’s unmatched reliability to deliver maximum passenger comfort and low cost of ownership.

Comfort and Convenience

Low Cost of Ownership

Product Features (Available on All Toyota Sienna Models)

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Toyota Sienna

FlexFlat Ramp BEFORE FlexFlat Ramp AFTER Side-Entry Van Interior